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Thread: XL 800 No Fuel

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    Unhappy XL 800 No Fuel

    Hoping somebody can help me with this as it has been driving me crazy for months.

    Bought ski that had been sitting for sometime. Tried to start no fuel getting to carbs. Rebuilt carbs still nothing. Bypassed selector valve nothing, ran fuel line straight into tank for diagnose purposes still nothing. So I figured crank seals were bad and decided to tear down and replace top end and also crank seals. Put back together and still not sucking fuel no matter what I do. I have good pressure coming from pulse lines. I have taken apart carbs cleaned and tried all new gaskets and check valves just to make sure not defective several times. Still nothing!!!! The only time I can somewhat of fuel to draw from tank is if I cover carb mouth with my hand and it will pull a little. There seems to be plenty of vacuum when I put my hand over the throats I just cannot get fuel to pull from tank or pull from anything any other way. If I pour gas into carbs it will run well until it runs out of the gas I manually put into it. Completely dumb founded!!! I have been at this for months and still nothing. I have read forum after forum and tried everything but nothing seems make it better. Does anybody have any ideas? Here is the embarrassing part I am a marine mechanic and I have my own business and very successful and for some reason I am competely stumped with this problem. I have been working on watercraft for years and I have never run into this problem and of course it had to be my own personal ski. HELP!!

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    Have you checked or replaced the fuel filter?

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    Of course that is the first thing I did

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    Like I said in original post I have even bypassed selector switch and fuel filter and tried to draw straight from tank to carb inlet and still I cant get fuel to draw

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    Sometimes the carbs have a hard time priming empty carbs and fuel lines. So you need to pack the lines and carbs with fuel. Here's how I do it:
    Pull the return hose off the carb, turn the fuel selector on, pump about 2-5 psi in the return hose (into the fuel tank), and wait. This will fill the fuel lines, filter, and carbs up with fuel. fuel will start to run out of the return fitting on the carb and you'll know its ready. reassemble and try to start it.

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