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    Question 1996 seadoo xp help!

    Hey guys. My names Tom im from Long Island, NY. I bought a 96' seadoo xp 2 weeks ago. I worked great ONCE. First the starter went bad so i started fixing all the wirig. Once i got a new starter i tried to start it. Its cranks but wont start. My neighbor recommended pulling the spark plugs. I pulled both and went to start it and alot of gas is shooting out of the rear cylinder. Which leads me to think something is stuck open. I then pulled the caps off the rave valves to find they look totally different the front had a black washer type of thing with a nut and spring. The rear was just a rubbery green thing with a washer on it. Am i missing parts? Also what could be causing the fuel to spit out like that. Thanks!

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    Stuck needle and seat in the carbs would cause the fuel to fill the cylinders

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