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    Experience with Butch Roy @ Biedas ( REVS FULL THROTTLE )

    I normally don't go online and do reviews. Even if my experience is a disappointment. I usually keep to myself.

    But after the exceptional service that I experienced with biedas over snow city, private sales, & other BRP dealers.. I decided I had to come online to let you guys/gals know that your next experience doesnt have to be a headache!

    I recently had the pleasure of dealing with revs full throttle/ Bieda's Power sports.

    I originally had a 2009 rxt 215 that I purchased off a shifty dealer, that ended up delaminated.. Then a 2008 RXT-X 255 that I purchased off the original owner and the supercharger failed on me at 64 hours after just 16 hours of use on my part.

    I was informed Butch from REVS FULL THROTTLE had a 2013 SEADOO RXPX 260 that I customer had purchased but regretfully ended up breaking her shoulder.
    The poor lady had signed the paperwork at the boat show months before only to find out she wasnt going to recover in time to ride the new machine at all.

    Revs Full Throttle not only catered to my needs, but they also helped out the previous customer that was basically at the end of her luck with a broken shoulder and the fastest musclecraft on the water.

    My cousin also purchased a 2013 seadoo RXPX 260 a week before I got mine. Regretfully he purchased his from Snow City. My cousin purchased the 260 straight up, no financing and yet Snow city nickled and dimed him on the safety kit, the fire kit, and everything else they possibly could.

    2 weeks later a water plug was lost and snow city nickled and dimed him for the $12 dollars for the plug. Its not the money, its the treatment, the attitudes, etc.

    The only positive thing about snow city is one of there tech's is a super knowledgeable guy and does amazing work! its a shame he works for a company that has zero respect / appreciation for customers.

    Meanwhile over at REVS FULL THROTTLE, I received a complimentary safety kit & fire extinguisher. My cousin was told he had to wait 2 week period to receive an oil change to maintain his 25 hour oil change warranty plan. Meanwhile over at REVS FULL THROTTLE, I dropped my seadoo off Thursday and was told to pick it up friday. I didnt have a chance to pick it up thursday and only had free time on sunday when REVS FULL THROTTLE was closed.

    That was NO ISSUE for REVS FULL THROTTLE. Butch Roy went out of his way to come open the doors for me to get my seadoo even when the store was closed and it was his day off! This is one stand up guy! After the oil change I returned home and put another 3 hours on the machine when the Check engine light turned on reading code P0127. Engine Temp Sensor.

    So I called Butch Roy while I was on the lake and got down to the bottom of it. Turned out 4tec motors are notorious for having these sensors go and Butch informed me he would be in my area in a few days for personal business and that he would stop by to swap my sensor in my garage instead of driving over 2 hours to drop off the seadoo for service. Butch Roy & REVS FULL THROTTLE ( biedas ) have been around for years & its easy to see why.

    They prove that top notch business etiquette still exists. If you plan on purchasing a Seadoo, ATV, Motorcycle, Snowmobile, Watercraft, etc. REVS FULL THROTTLE will satisfy all your needs. I personally will never purchase another toy from anyone other than Butch Roy @ REVS FULL THROTTLE.

    Doo crew for life

    Also here is a video of us having some fun racing at woodbine beach

    youtube timacks seadoo for lots of toronto footage

    and just to clarify about snow city

    They are a good business, but there customer service is no where near the level of REVS FULL THROTTLE.

    If you HAVE to deal with snow city, talk to HANZ for sales, or Sandy for parts. They are both a pleasure to deal with.
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    Business address and web links, phone numbers?

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