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    New to site What is a good part number for a waste gate solenoid

    I am new to the site, Last year I bought a 2006 Honda r 12 x and it ran great, ran about 67mph right with a seadoo rxp supercharge, but last week it went from 50 mph cruising to 33mph and would come and go but mostly stay at 33 if i shut off and restart it runs fine for first pull out, no codes or anything. I read what you guys were saying about checking the waste gate it is good moves as it should, checked compression good, checked waste gate solenoid and nothing but solid rust under cap, called a honda place on internet and read them the number off of it Part # 136200-2710 and they said that part is no longer made so im guessing they just changed the number on it, i know they stopped producing the honda pwcs a few years back. Any help would be appreciated

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    Sounds like heat soak . might need to flush out ur ic or buy some better gas

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    There are replacement actuators on ebay aren't there?

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    I have been using sunoco 93 octane since i bought it last year it ran great up until last week

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    I found a good part number waste gate control solenoid: 36162-HW1-671 for a 2006 r12x

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    Thank you guys for the help I will be back to help out

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    still oem honda part

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redrider196 View Post
    I found a good part number waste gate control solenoid: 36162-HW1-671 for a 2006 r12x
    5 38770-HW3-673 PGM-FI UNIT 1 1,059.78 728.60
    this is the info from micro fiche at Honda of East Toledo where I have been buying my parts for years.
    the first is retail, 728 is cost to you. I have the same ski and purchased mine here 2 years ago.

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    what you are saying is the fuel injection unit is bad

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    I just replaced the solenoid and it wasnt that so i have to figure out a way to test the fuel system for when it does act up i can see it and figure our why its doing that. but i am thinking you are right now about it cause it seems flat running it doesn't sound good anymore

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