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    What should i Buy???

    Hey Guys looking for a Kawasaki 550sx or js really does not matter. I am new to the stand up jetski scene but am really enthusiastic to start. What should I get is really what im after. What year? What model? How much should I spend? What are the average prices? Are parts expensive? Should i get a 550? I really just asking for the answers to some of these questions. Oh Yeah Where is good reasonable place to look for a stand up jetski? Craigslist? Ebay? Anywhere else?

    Please let me know if anyone could help answering some of these questions!

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    Budget is under $1,000

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    I know very little about standups, but I see them pretty cheap on CraigsList.

    Make sure it runs! It's best to try it out on the water, but if you haven't ridden one before, it may be best to have the seller demonstrate it for you.

    Most of the old ones didn't have a wrist lanyard to kill the engine when you fell off, it had spring-loaded steering that circled around to you.

    There's a lot of junk out there, so be wary.

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    I would go a 90's 650sx if you want a kawasaki

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