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    Lightbulb 1997 Polaris SLT 700

    My husband and I bought 2 1997 Polaris SLT 700 jetski's. Neither one of them worked and they have been sitting since 2004. One of the ski's the electrical box was torn apart and the other was intact. So my husband started to work on that one first. He got it running; however, it has a leak. There is water coming from the crank shaft. We are hoping it is the rear seals. Now my question is: do you have to pull the engine to replace the rear crank shaft seals? I found new ones on SBT, but haven't purchased them yet. Also, there is water coming from a place we cannot see. I can feel it and it feels as if there is a bolt missing. My husband thinks it is an internal plug missing. I found a bolt that was in the box and tried to put it there and it fell out. It is on the left side of the motor on the underneath. Can anyone help? I am sure I will be asking more questions when we get to the next ski, but for now I want to get this one up and running.Thanks

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    Post photos of the missing bolt location / hole.

    See my signature links for the common maintenance items that should be attended to before you start riding.

    Water leak - I suspect it is leaking around the drive shaft where it passes out of the hull and into the jet pump. If I am correct, that is called the through-hull bearing assembly, and it has replaceable seals and bushings inside. To repair this the jet pump and drive shaft are first removed from the rear.

    See the Jet Pump section of my signature links for more info and videos on how to remove the jet pump.

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    A bad seal on the PTO end of the crankshaft will not cause any water to leak. You might be referring to the driveshaft leaking water through the hull? Actually, in both cases, I'm not sure if the leaks if you are referring to are cooling water leaks or lake water leaking into the hull when the boat is in the water. Have any pics? On the left side of the engine case, there are two ~3/4" dia holes that look like they need a plug but they don't.

    FWIW, I have found all kinds of misc. hardware in the bottom of the hull of my 700's after removing the engine. I also found 2 3/8 drive sockets, a combination wrench and a several screwdriver bits. I think over time a lot of stuff gets dropped in there and is never retrieved.

    I'm working on my wife's '97 SLT 700 right now so I'm pretty familiar with your model ski.

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