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    Few questions about my 2012 Kawasaki 300LX

    First thing I have to say is that I LOVE my 300LX! I just bought it brand new about three weeks ago and it has about 20 hours on it. I do not race it and it is solely for recreational use. I always use nothing but 93 Octane gasoline. I use it in Lake Travis where the water is usually very choppy. My questions are:

    1. Should I ride with the trim all the way up in choppy conditions? In what conditions should I use the trim and which setting? Does having the trim up affect gas consumption in any way? Do I want to go through the wave or over it?

    2. Gas Consuption. I usually go through 3/4 of a tank in about two hours in ECO mode. Does that seem pretty normal. Is the fuel savings significantly greater in Eco mode? I usually ride for 40 mins straight at 40-55 MPH.

    3. I always use 93 Octane. When I'm on the lake most places only have 89. Can I put in the half a tank of 89 with half 93 to make it 91 without affecting performance?

    4. After how many hours should I do oil changes? The dealer told me 25 but that seems like a long time. I religiously check the oil and top it off when needed.

    Thats all I could really think of right now. Did I mention I love my 300 LX?

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    Neutral position through the chop
    91 whenever possible mix if only really needed and no other choice. Don't run Eco mode with anything but 91+
    Fuel savings is minimal in Eco mode
    Oil changes at 15-20 hrs is fine for rec user.

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    can i say read the manual it has all the servicing requirements listed in a nice table experiment yourself with the trim as thats the very reason its there everyone likes to use it differently, it wont effect fuel usage in choppy conditions. i only ever used the eco mode once and i was happy with the miles travelled. as tommy said dont sacrifice on fuel as others here have learnt the expensive way. btw we all love our kawasaki 300s

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