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    Spark Plug Change on 4-tec

    I've been a lurker on GreenHulk for a while now, and finally decided register. This forum has been a wealth of knowledge to me.

    This is my very first post here, and while I realize changing spark plugs isn't rocket science, some of the Google searches I did when troubleshooting showed that there are plenty of people who are afraid to try even the most basic procedures on their skis. I blog mainly about geeky stuff I do, but I wrote my first Sea Doo related blog post yesterday (even though I bought my skis new in 2006), and figured I'd share it here. I know there are other How-Tos out there for changing spark plugs, but this one is mine.

    Hope it helps someone out!

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    Welcome aboard the Hulk...

    Watch out that you don't catch that mod bug that's going around.
    It's an expensive bug to get over...

    Rip on...

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    Thx, wotxxxsd. I think I've already got that bug, just haven't acted on it yet.

    Since I have two identical boats, I think I'll keep one stock "for the kids and wife to ride" (got four kids between 11 and 16), and then one that's "Daddy's Boat." I love 70MPH, but I'd sure love to see 80+.

    I own performance vehicles (mostly Italian), and I'm sure the saying from auto racing applies here just as readily: "Speed = $$$. How fast do you want to go?"
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    Welcome to the Hulk.

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    nice couple of posts on your blog. like the rxp.

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    Woudn't ya know it? Less than a week after writing this post, ski #2 needed new plugs, too. Have to watch your fingers a bit when changing them out while the engine is hot, but all three plugs can be changed in 10 mins if you have everything handy.

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    Steve I enjoyed reading your blog, very well laid out and informative!

    Read this post and attached pdf about anti-seize with NGK plugs from the manufacture.

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    Thanks, JT!

    I read the PDF from NGK, but I feel it's driven more by their lawyers than their engineers.

    When I removed the NGK plugs on the boat I changed yesterday, they still required WAY too much effort to remove, and then "snapped" free... which is never a feeling I like.

    I still think a little (but not too much, and never near the ceramic) anti-seize is they way to go.

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