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It was great to have the Jettribe crew drove all the way from Southern California to Sparks Nevada to hang out with me and my dad. They really go beyond the call of duty.

It was approximately 5000ft above sea level and Aero Aswar raced his race on a rented boat from Troy Snyder. With that high of elevation all the skis were five to ten miles slower than it normally run in lower altitude.

It is a Stock class boat that Aero raced in the Open class. Moto 1 Aero took 4th catching Eric Francis on the split. Moto 2 and 3 Aero finished 5th as everybody else were using Open Class ski. “I had an awesome time here in Sparks. The weather is perfect the view on the race site was very nice, and like it that you can jog around the lake where we race.”

Attachment 403052“After this race I will be going to Texas for some regional race in the R5 region. I’ll be doing that race just for my practice on my ski class, its been a while since i race on a ski.”, Aero mentioned. As always Aero is very excited for the next tour stop that will be held in Colonial Beach, VA - back to east coast!Where the Jettribe Rig will meet me there with my ski! Thank you for all of the support Jettribe crew!