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    Do I have to remove the ride plate to change the intake grate?

    Just trying to figure out if I can do a quick change on the intake grate without removing the ride plate, or if I should just wait until I can buy both parts?
    and on the same note- why not change out the impeller at the same time too

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    Hello no you do NOT need to remove ride plate to change out your intake grate ... can even do it with the pump shoe still on. It will take you maybe all of 10 mins. It is also very easy to take off pump shoe & install the stuffer-kit. You will have to remove the ride plate to change out your impeller/pump. But even that's pretty simple .... I had never worked on a ski before and it was really very simple procedure with pretty normal tools. Also there is so many threads on hear on how to do these simple task. I say go for it will actually be glad you did it yourself !

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