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    Speedwerx Gpr tripple pipes with jetworks valves complete $800

    I have a set of speedwerx tripple pipes for sale. I also have a bunch of other gpr stuff, 12 vein pump riva dump nozzle, novis, dominator manifold, M-16 reeds, Riva filters. MSD , I was going to ebay them but thought I would try them here first check my threads, Or call me (509) 430-7733. This ad is for a set of powdercoated black pipes with jetworks valves, collector, water manifold, exhaust manifold. One of the pipes has a leak and will need to be welded. This is everything that comes in the kit from speedwerx , I think I even have a set of instructions . $800 Please call me as I never check my email
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    I also have a Riva boost bottle intake modified (bottle shortened) that works with the speedwerx pipes for $200

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