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    04 rxp s/c shaft broke?..

    I have a 04 rxp only had 41hrs on it. Brought it to the dealer and the said the s/c was gone. They pulled the s/c out and said the whole nut and L ring broke off, there was nothing left on the shaft, no gear washers etc etc. they said the motor had to come out and get torn apart for inspection to find all the pieces. They also quoted me 3000$ I have read about other people cleaning and replacing the oils pumps and putting a new charger in. What should I do?

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    do it yourself
    I bet you will also need a flywheel
    buy a used charger and have jerry rebuild it

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    You might need a new motor.
    I have seen a broken charger shaft wipe out a motor.
    That's your worst case
    Best case is a new charger, flywheel, motor clean out..

    No way to tell until the motor comes out and is inspected..

    Either way if you have somebody doo it then its not going to be cheap..

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