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    97 Pro 785 Help!

    Well guys this is my first post on this forum, I have been a reader for a little over a year now and the amount of knowledge I have acquired from this site is phonomenal! Anyways when I was a kid my parents owned a 785 pro and let me ride it around the lake, and even at that young age I was amazed by how fast it was and it really stuck to me as I grew up, so recently I had a bit of funds available and I decided to purchase one again. I live in Alberta Canada and as you could imagine it was difficult to track one down, but I did finally find one and bought it even though it was in pretty rough shape. I must say that up to this point the Polaris PWC Knowledge site has been extremely helpful as I have used it to diagnose and fix my electrical problems, rebuild my carbs, replace all gaskets, and a basic tune up, so thanks for anyone and everyone who helped make that write up! With that being said, the PRO is still giving me a couple issues, It starts and runs fine but it bogs a little bit out of the hole and it only reaches a top speed of about 48 MPH (On the MFD). I checked the compression today and sadly it was extremely low but despite this I am looking at this as an opportunity to restore and rebuild (a hobby of mine) my child hood dream. The compression is as follows MAG - 75, CEN - 75, and PTO - 90. This now leaves me to my question: I have already purchased new replacement pistons and rings (Stock Bore sizes) and I was wondering if anyone knows of a place where I could send my cylinders to get re-plated and bored to stock sizes / or where i could buy replacement cylinders! I have no issues mechanically and feel extremely comfortable around engines so dis and re assembly would not be an issue. Also this being the first two - stroke engine ive ever worked on, im not sure if I could just slap some new pistons and rings and be on my marry way? I guess i would have to measure the bore and make sure that it is still within spec and not out of round right? Anyways im sorry for the long post but I used this opportunity to not only briefly introduce myself but also ask a couple questions. I would appreciate any input or advice I can get!



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    Welcome,First you need to get that bad boy apart and see the shape and condition of the cylinders. They should be Nicasil lined (chromed),If they are decent shape they could be Diamond honed. I only know of 2 places in the US that does that., If they are bad,they can be reNik'd, but that can be very expensive. Or I think about the same price be resleeved with cast sleeves that can be normally bored or honed anywhere. Or if you only have 1 bad cyl. there are alot of guys with extra jugs on here.

    The Polaris PWC Knowledge site is the brain child of Mr K447. He is the one to thank for it and the great job.

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    I would try another compression gauge to double check those #'s Millenium Technologies has a place that replates cylinders in Canada i'll get the info for you .

    There Place in Canada is called Fast Enterprises inc. 204 895 1727

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