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    code after installing the knock sensor pigtail

    Helloo all im back trying to find an anwser to my problems, for which you guys have been of great help, so my ski is running fine after we change the tcm it runs quite smooth and very powerfull, but Im not able to see the 8100 rpm ppl are talking about, the Max ill see is 7700rpm which honestly is goof enough for me, but that bug inside is telling me that there is something wrong with it , so I did a lil be of research and found out about the jnock sensor pigtail adapter, which is needed once the ski is plugged to budds, and when I loocked at my ski I noticed it was def missing, so I went ahead and bought one and I installed it , by plugging the new adapter to the cable that comes from the knock sensor and the other end to the one that goes underneath the engine, when I went to try it out I, it ran fine but it threw a code p0326 which has to do with the sensor, this only happens at full throttle my question is , is this code displaying because I need further configurations from a dealer, which btw my ski was serviced and plugged to budds like 3 months ago, or im I just missing something??I plugged everything back how it was before and no code was displaying

    Thank u all

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    What year is your ski?

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    Is a 2004 thank you
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    Has it ever been back to the dealer for an ECU reflash?
    Maybe it hasn't been flashed with the updated code.
    How many hours on the ski?

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