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    Help with ground location 02 4TEC

    I'm putting my 4tec back together after a complete rebuild and it's time to connect the grounds. In the notes I made, I removed 2 ground screws from the front of the motor. All I can find now is one. It has one big and 2 small wires on it. Then it has a short lead that I'm assuming is the negative battery terminal. Maybe I should've taken a few more pics. Thanks for your help!

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    I bet the big plate with the 2 extra wires goes on the battery
    the other end to the front of the motor and there are more grounds in the motor harness

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    OK, turns out you are correct. The end with the two wires attached just below the big wire does indeed go on the battery and the single big wire goes on the engine. There's a harness that runs along the right side of the engine and at the front of the engine, there's a wire that has 2 small rings you attach to a ground on the engine. Hope this helps anyone else looking for those grounds.

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