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    Question 01 ficht piston meltdown

    So I started an original thread thinking oil injection could have been anissue, but have determined either low octane preignition or leaning out to be the root cause of failure. After reading through countless threads, I indexed the crank but was only able to use mag end and pto end as the center cyl was the melted one. With the engine still in the bike, center at tdc I removed injectors and found 1 mm difference between mag and pto. From what I have gathered this looks like the max on tolerance for crank index. My questions are this; is it acceptable to run at this outer limit on crank index and do these ficht injectors ever just fail and lean out or should I get a new emm and injector set?

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    I bought a used piston/cylinder set and put it all back together. On the trailer with the hose hooked up it cranked and ran and sounded pretty good. I did a fuel pressure test and found zero pressure. I pinched off the return line at the tank and it jumped to 35 psi. So after reading a couple threads on ficht fuel pressure, I pulled the pump module out and the fuel pressure regulator had fallen off. I am reasonably certain that this was the root cause of the piston melt down. A sudden drop in fuel pressure at wot would definitely cause a lean condition. I drilled a small hole in the plastic supply / return piece and used a piece of safety wire to hold it in place, tying it to the factory clamps on the regulator and supply lines since I had it out anyway.

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    Took it out and it ran great, all the power was there, seems like all is well. Put about two hours on it with me my wife and both kids, planes out fast and runs about 50mph.

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    What ski is this on? What RPM are you seeing wide-open? 50mph seems on the low-side for any of the ficht injected skis. What's your compression?

    If you have any more issues with the fuel pressure regulator in the tank you can just splice in a Kawasaki regulator in-line so you don't have to go back into the tank. Under $30 and very easy to do.

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    This is an 01 genesis and speed is governed at 51 mph.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaychadwick View Post
    This is an 01 genesis and speed is governed at 51 mph.
    There is no speed 'governor' on any Polaris watercraft. There is a red line RPM limiter that prevents engine over-rev when the jet pump is not in the water, typically that is circa 7200RPM.

    In the water, at full throttle, engine RPM is the primary indicator of engine power and health. The Genesis red 1200 engine should be turning around 6700RPM at wide open, give or take. Air temperature will slightly reduce maximum power and therefore RPM when is is a hot day.

    The Polaris speedometer is reasonable but not highly accurate. Rely on engine RPM to tell you about the engine.

    The MFI display can show engine RPM in number form, just press the Display button. The display will momentarily show you peak recorded speed and RPM along the bottom of the screen, then show you current speed and RPM. Monitor that current RPM number while running at wide open on smooth water.

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