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    Polaris genesis jet pump replacement need help

    Hello I have a 2001 genesis fuel injected and want to put the jet pump from a 2001 virage txi in the genesis its pump impeller is wasted.. my question is will that impeller be to much pitch for it or will it just drop a few rpm when running and run about the sale thanks any help please.
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    The Carb'd Genesis runs a 17-23 pitch, the Virage TX runs a 17-25 pitch prop. The 23 gives more torque for the big boat, as the 25 will load the motor down more. Will it work, yea but it maybe a dog on the holeshot. just try it and see. You may also lose some top speed. I can check,I may have a 17-23 that's mine, and if so I'd trade for the 17-25 if it's good shape.

    here you can look up parts used on the skis

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