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    should i oil my stator before i install it????

    thats about it, installing a new stator in my gp1300 , front seal was gone so i had oil and crap all around stator and housing, cleaned out stator compartment real good with break clean, should i spray some white grease or something like that to stop corrosion or just slap it back together bone dry??? thanks.... CHEERS!!! ( I know to lube brass bushing for bendix )

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    some wd40 won't hurt , to prevent corrosion

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    Don't forget to clean and locktite surface between crank and flywheel, and bolt too.

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    I use a light coat dialetric grease...emphasis on light.

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    I have a gp1200, is the grease fitting on the flywheel cover threaded or welded? Mine is broken, want to install a new fitting or a zerk fitting.

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