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    Would a Fitness GPS device work for PWC speed testing?

    As I embark on my modding journey starting with a stock '06 RXP, I want to try and be as scientific as possible by speed testing between each mod. Of course, environmental changes will affect speeds, but at least I'll have SOME data, besides the seat of my pants and an overly optimistic onboard speedo.

    Which got me thinking - would a fitness GPS device (like the one you'd wear on your wrist or shoulder while running or riding a bike) work for that purpose? It would make gathering data easier - no device to hold in your hand, no need to mount to ski, and completely portable to any other ski.

    Anyone done this with success?

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    You could then also keep track of burnt calories while riding like you stole it

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    In my mind, gps signal is all the same. The devices rate to receive this signal is the variable (some units quicker then others). I did a test with my Garmin vs an app on my iphone. Did several back to back runs and they where off by no more then .3mph. And by .3, they where the same to the Garmin showing .3 quicker. I like the phone cause you can just throw it in the centre storage bin and you can save all your runs.

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    Yes they will, several of us use Garmin forerunners and they are fitness units.

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    Jay, which iPhone app are you using?

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    Using an Android with Trackmaster and a QStarz high speed GPS is by far the best setup I have used.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RXPTX View Post
    Jay, which iPhone app are you using?
    Its called "Speedometer". Gives you current elevation, avr. speed, distance and max speed. You can even keep a log of all your top speeds. This is the app I ran against my Garmin.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    None of the phone GPSs that I have tested can do GPS based acceleration testing. The setup I run is what we use on an 8.x sec 150 MPH drag car.

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    Thank you Jay, installing now

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    That is my RXPX in gray drag racing a 88 MPH Mud Bog ski. When my boat hit 60, he was doing 82 and still climbing hard. Way cool stuff.


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