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    SUV 1200 NON-PV Fuse Location/s? Ski has no sign of life

    Just replaced the shortblock in my 2001 SUV. Has the same motor and electronics as the XL1200s...

    When I went to power it up, I did NOT have a battery installed. Instead, all I had at the time was a portable power kit for jump starting cars. I thought this might be enough of a battery to at least spin the starter to center the motor. I hooked up the jumper cables to the regular ski battery positive and negative and it made one small click (probably the starter engaging the bendix for less than 1/4 second but then nothing. No humming, smoke, smell, spark...anything except for the gauges dimly reading "start" for a brief moment and then going dead as well. Almost fading out it seemed.

    Right after that I hooked up my truck battery with some jumper cables to the battery leads and there was zero sign of life. No display either. Finally, I got my battery back to the house yesterday and hooked it in. Nothing.


    When installing the fly cover I did make sure that the starter turned freely (starter was bench tested just before installation at autozone and whirled like an SOB. I also tested a second starter at the same time which did work but was a bit audibly slower. When installing the starter, damn it went in hard but again, it did turn freely engaging the bendix before putting the cover on.

    The fuse inside the black electrical box is not broken. It is one of those glass tube type so I don't know if they actually break when blown or not? I'm wondering if there is a second fuse anywhere in this system that I just am not finding anywhere...or is it just that one in the box behind the circle cover?

    Also, IF the starter solenoid was bad, wouldn't it typically still give a "click" or some sound of life when hitting the start? Or wouldn't the gauges at least light up?

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    if you don't have power the fuse is no good the glass fuse goes out to check if the glass fuse has a wire across it...and if it don't have it that mean is no good

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    If you don't have one already, I highly suggest a multimeter. It will tell you everything you need to know with the electronics. Check the resistance in the fuses. I have seen many fuses that didn't look burnt because they became burnt outside of the window of visibility.

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    Bench testing a starter (free wheeling) can give you a general idea of its function but it could be act very differently under load.
    A glass fuse doesn't shatter the glass...the wire inside melts away and opens/disconnects the circuit.
    A bad starter solenoid might click or it might not click. there's more then one possible failure of a starter solenoid/relay.
    The gauges won't necessarily light up until the engine cranks a bunch or it starts and runs. At least thats the way it is on my GP1200 (which is very electronically similar to your SUV)
    As stated, a multimeter (and knowledge of how to use one) will tell you everything you need to know.

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    Replaced the starter, bendix, electronix and stator with known working parts and she ran fine. I'll diagnose on the next rebuild of this 2000 SUV if I ever get to it. Just picked up a seadoo LRV that I want to tinker with first

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    By any chance do u remember the positioning of the headgasket on your suv? I'm stuck at figuring where the oval holes go

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