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    ultra 250 NEED HELP

    I need some help diagnosing a ultra i just picked up ......... i tried the self diag n there are no codes. here is what its doing.....coming out of the hole is seems normal then falls on it face like it has bad gas, wont go past 5000-5200 most boost i get is 5 psi...... i took a gas sample rfrom the fuel rail and its nice and clean. where should i start poking with this ??

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    Spark plugs should be changed first.

    Then check the sc Belt tension. And go from there.

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    ill scope that out.... pretty hard to get a feel for if its right on the trailer no ????

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    Also check if the airhorn sucking against the hull

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    And check all hoses to and from the intercooler. You may have a boost leak somewhere.

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    that could be a possibility..... the air biox under the handle bars and the boot from them to the charger seems to collapse when the throttle is snapped........ where would they be sucking to the hull???? where do they end up going???

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    If i remember right its in front of the ski to the left of the gas tank sitting on the ski....Its a round air horn off the air box, I only had the stock intake for like 5 hours, but I think thats where it is...

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    Rhs above tank

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    I had a cooling line hose leak u see a water spraying around in there is a good sign of a leak. Take the seat off and hook water up to it or drive around with seat off and give it quick throttle bursts see if water sprays out from any hoses

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    I found it up under there...Box was loose and i can see where it was sucking itself to the side of the boat. there's a rubber grommet on air box that looks like i can eliminate to buy myself another inch or 2 of clearance, would that be OK to do ??? That box is jammed in there so darn tight i cant even begin to see where or how its mounted........or do they just lay in there??? This ski before i bought it was COMPLETELY disassembled so it dosent surprise me if things aren't mounted they way they should be or not mounted even at all.....

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