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    05 STX 12F no fuel or spark to #1 & #4

    HELP!!! I have a 2005 STX 12F. I just put in a new SBT engine and can't get spark or fuel to #1 or #4 cylinders. A Little history on the issue...My son bought the ski with a known blown motor. We purchased a replacement engine from SBT. It went in fine and ran like a champ for the first year. Last year it started to run rough, lost power and ultimately lost compression on #4 cylinder. Through troubleshooting we also found that we were not getting fuel from some of the injectors. We returned to engine under warranty and SBT found that #4 piston was burnt up. We installed the new engine and also installed new fuel injectors thinking that they may have been gummed up causing it to run too lean and burning up the piston in #4. The install was a breeze, however, we could not get the engine to fire. More troublesooting found that we are not getting spark or fuel to #1 and #4. If we switch the plugs connecting into the coil packs we get spark and fuel to #1 and #4, but not #2 and #3. So I guess the coil packs are okay. We rang out the wiring from coil packs, cam sensor, crank sensor, coil pack, etc. to there ends at ECU or other location. All rang our fine. We replaced the ECU (no change). We checked resistance to the cam and crank sensors and they are within spec. We did find that peak voltage to the cam and crank sensor is only about one-fourth of spec. I was told that it could be the display console as some of the wiring and sensors tie into it. I could not get the display to go into the diagnostic mode to show any codes (supposed to push "mode" and "set" button at same time and the one of them to enter diagnostic mode, but will not work) so I figured this may be it. Got a used one online and again no change.

    Short of taking the ski to a Kawasaki repair shop, does anyone have any ideas. What would cause the cam and crank sensors to not get up to peak voltage? I am pulling the engine out this weekend to see if there are any wires, plugs, etc. that may be damaged and we cannot see. I will also be looking at the timing to see if the sprocket or chain is not correct. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Chris Sadler
    Newport News, VA

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    Chris, one thing comes to mind but Im not sure if its helpful or not. There are two connectors to your coils, one for 1 and 4, the other for 2 and 3. It looks like the lead for 1 and 4 is dead. Are the pins in the connectors making contact? Are you able to measure any signal coming from that 1/4 lead? Sometimes in automotive work, a low signal from a crank or cam sensor can come from too much distance between the magnet and the pickup part of the sensor. or the pickup part is corroded.

    Here is the copied text from the 06 15F manual. Also the troubleshooting tree indicates for a low peak output voltage for the crankshaft and cam sensor says to replace them.

    Also, the A connector indicated below goes to pin 22 in the ECU (Green/Blue wire) and the Red/Yellow wire goes to Joint Connector F in the wiring diagram. As ECU's usually ground the lead it may be possible to infer that voltage is suppled to 1 and 4 coil packs from the Red/Yellow wire in Joint Connector F and grounded at pin 22 at the ECU. Perhaps you have already back-probed for voltage along these points. Make sure all connectors are clean and making contact. Looking now at the Fuel Injection schematic, it looks like cylinders 1 and 4 fuel injectors have a common connection at Joint Connector H and then from there along a Red/Yellow wire on down to Joint Connector F once again. So......the coil packs for 1 and 4 as well as the Injectors for 1 and 4 all have a common at Joint Connector F with the R/Y wire. Make sure all pins are good in that joint. Forgive me if you already have this info.

    15-4 STORAGE
    Preparation for Storage
    •Reconnect the primary ignition coil lead connectors, noting
    the #1,#4 [A]
    and the #2, #3 [B] coil connectors. The
    #1, #4 coil connector has a red/yellow
    and a green/blue
    leads from the main harness.
    The #2, #3 coil connector
    has a red/yellow and green/black leads from the main
    ○The service codes (COIL1 and COIL2) caused by this
    procedure are stored in the ECU. If necessary, these
    service codes can be erased by using the Kawasaki
    Diagnostic System (KDS).
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