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    Hi from Australia.

    Just recently my newly aqquired 2005 honda f-12x ski has water in the oil issue.
    Took it for its first run, for the first hour it was running quite well then sh$t hit the fan. During a high speed run WOT through the flat waters it suddenly started to lose a little power so i backed off the gas and came to a halt. The ski was still running so i tried to power on again but wouldn't rev nor go any quicker than 12mph and felt ruff with no warning lights and no error codes coming up. So back to the ramp it goes.
    I was confused at first as when the ski is in the water or connected to the hose it runs very poorly. But take the water away from the ski its runs fine.
    From what i have been researching about the issue it seems theres a problem possibly with the exhaust manifold. I'm by far no expert on ski's as this is my first one. We took the turbo off and the exhaust away from the manifold. Then ran the ski, as soon as we connected the water it was poring out of the exhaust side of manifold ( Is this normal or not ).
    Checked plugs and they are not wet nor does any water come out of the head with no plugs in place.
    I'm still a little baffled on the issue.

    I'm trying to source a new exhaust manifold but the part is on backorder from manufacturer and could be months before i can get my hands on it.

    Is there anyone looking to part with a used fresh water manifold in the mean time. Or can you recommend a jet ski wreckers who could possibly help. Theres none whatsoever in Australia.

    Any help much appreciated.

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    Check the classifieds on here, there is a guy parting a couple.
    Also check PWCToday. Their Honda section is much more busy than the GreenHulk one for some reason.

    Good luck.

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