I just bought a Yamaha 2000 xl800. So far we have run it for a full day before buying it. It started fine, ran fine. No noticeable issues. Top end was about 42mph.

After getting home, I started reading up on what we had just bought, and found that this model had a design flaw with the powervalves which could cause a catastrophic failure. I decided to buy and install the wave eater clips. The inside of this ski was so pristine, I did not believe it had ever been apart. I took it apart to get at the powervalve covers. I found the rear valve was intact but had a lot of thick sludge on the inside of the valve cover. The front valve though was completely missing! The control shaft and arm were there as well as the sleeve that comes on the powervalve was there and secured by a screw. The valve, the valve shaft, and pin which seats in the control arm were all gone. I can see the top of the piston. It does not seem to be damaged in any way. The top edge of the piston has a perfect edge on it.

Some questions...

Is it surprising this ski ran quite well without the front powervalve?

It seems insane, but could it have shipped like this from the factory? I have read a couple similar threads.

What should I do next? Should I just install a new powervalve and put the ski back together?