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    Solas impeller question.

    I just bought an impeller off eBay. My impeller is all chewed up and my research led me to believe a 15/19 Solas would be a good pitch to help me improve the lack of acceleration I've been experiencing. I got the impeller and I find out its a 13/17 in a 15/19 box. I didn't notice this until I had everything apart and ready to install. Is there a big difference between a 13/17 and a 15/19?

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    Yes big difference. Sell the 13/17 and buy a real 15/19

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    13/17 will acclerate much better than the 15/19 Its better to under prop your ski than to put a prop thats too tall and your motor never reaches max rpms! Tommy Jordan

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    I should also add my 760 has a stock engine with an r&d ride plate and intake grate. Its revving out now when I hit the gas. I also haven't installed the grate and plate yet I wanted to do it all at the same time. I can't decide whether to return it or keep it.

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    Improving hook up from stand still is more important to me than top speed. I've got two different opinions here. Anyone else have an opinion?

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    It will accelerate faster, but lack a high top speed. Since you don't care about top speed, you might like this prop. I'd say run it and see if you like it. If not, pull it back out and sell it.

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