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    Angry 2000 Yamaha Gp1200R only using half of the gas tank???.....It shuts off @ half tank..

    My 2000 Yammy GP1200R is only using half of the tank for some reason. It runs out of gas when the tank says one half full...then I have to switch to reserve and idle back to the boat ramp.....Loaded it up and took it to the gas station and filled it up.....It would only take 7.9 to waverunners here so I have no idea what could be causing this....any help would be appreciated tremendously....Thanks!!!!

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    Try these:

    1. Check the one-way check valve coming off the top of the fuel tank. Its a little white coupler kinda looks like a small fuel filter. If it's venting both ways that could be part of your issue.
    2. Suspect something around the fuel selector switch. Does it work when set to ON or Reserve?
    3. Remove the fuel flapper at the bottom of the fuel tank pick-up

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