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    1995 polaris sl 750

    Ok, not for sure what happened to my last post I cannot find it.Today I got the new hul seal in and took it out on the water runs good. still had a leak it is a rotted tub under the seal that connects to a plug like connection going under the ski where the grate is. I need to know what this is so I can get a new one it is snaped. under the hul it looks like a small fin with a hole in it. I also need a trim motor is anyone has one.Thanks

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    After running the ski for about 20 min I pulled up to the dock killed it. After about 5 min I tried to start it up and it seemed to be flooded. I got it started and ran it again for about 10 min came in shut it off to pick up my son again it would very hard to start. could this be a carb problem. some how im still taking on water about half way up to the battery after about 40 min in the water is this normal.

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    Check your PMs. The small fin with a hole in it is your Speedo pickup. It should have a small clear hose running from it up to you gauge/MFD. This will cause a small leak when not moving, and a huge one when you are moving. If the nipple is broken off in the ski, you will need to find a new one or remove the fin and plug the mounting hole.....

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