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    Need Help And advice any comets or thoughts would be appreciated thanks

    Well spend some time on my gp1300r today I finally got a new temp sensor and that's done and fix now no more warning beeping sound : ) but it is still bugging every time u try to hit the gas and wants to turn off if u left it in idle it turns off this jetski was dissemble and assemble back do to motor mounts and stuck engine . The engine pressure is 110,110,109 I took out spark plugs and middle spark is wet ? I fix the clog it had in one of the pissers it was clot with sand a chunk . Am not sure it might be a stupid question but are the 2 black hoses going into the head water cooling hoses just making sure.
    If u guys can help it would be much appreciated .
    Hit the gas it wants to turn off and buggs only if u push push push it goes to high rpm but at low it doesn't . when u hit the gas wants to turn off it has 144 hrs it was not used for 3 years i am thinking maybe injectors i drained the old fuel a long time ago and put new fuel with injector cleaner and yamaha oil . i dont know what to do put me to do something check something i don't know what to do next . ??????????????

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    The last 2 EFI GPR motor overhauls I have done here have had bad or low flowing injectors. Hell, I even had a bad fuel pump on one.

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    WFO I send my injectors to be clean to and it turn out one was dirty well I put them back on and still getting the same bug when I hit the gas all the way . But wen I hit it rapidly many times like 3-4 time rapid it goes up in RPM to 7 so am thinking maybe fuel pump what do u think and is there anyway I can check the fuel pump pressure am going to take it out tomorow to clean it maybe is clog I don't know ???

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    you have to test it with fuel pressure gauge

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    Okay I'll see how I'll do that if not just buy a new one am really tired this ski has been a big mission 8 ) thank u WFO

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    What pressure is good and bad ??

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    fuel pressure?
    Fuel Filter?
    how old is the fuel?
    Anything inside the water boxes ? (obstructions like a dead mouse)

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    The fuel was there for 2 years i took it all out and put new fuel but still i need to know where the fuel filter is to replace that thing am taking the fuel cell out to clean it really good and no water box and all other things are clean 4 sure lol

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