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    Please help

    My daughter was pulling a tube with my 1999 Kawasaki 1100 STX she somehow got the rope stuck in the grate at the bottom of the hull. They got the ski towed back to the marina. A friend took the grate off the bottom and cut all the rope out. I drained all the water out from the drain plugs and removed all the spark plugs and kept starting it so the water would come out. The engine fired up after a few trys which really surprised me. When I went to put it back into the water the ski started filling up with water. Can anyone help? why would this ski be sinking? anything to do with the rope being stuck around shaft? Thanks Marie

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    You broke the bearing seal in the hull

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    Did water get into the engine? (i.e. did water spray out the spark plug holes?)

    If so, you MUST run the engine on the hose for about 10 minutes to get ALL the water out, and you must do it NOW! Water inside the crankcase will cause the crankshaft bearings to rust in a day. If you do this, remember, NEVER allow the water to run when the engine isn't running.

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