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    2007 Ultra 250x Milky Oil``

    I have an 07 ultra 250x that has just ben serviced, fresh oil, filter and plugs. Ran perfect for the first hour and then started throwing out blue smoke and when I checked the oil it was milky white. Not done any troubleshooting yet but wanted opinons of the experts on here.
    Also if I shake the ski from side to side on the trailer I can hear something rattling around. I think th rattling is coming from the exhaust but not 100% sure.
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    Water in oil. Cracked head or bad head gasket most likely cracked head.

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    Start to do some troubleshooting on this 250. Cmpression on cylinder 2 is down to 65 psi. All 3 other are approx 135psi.
    Inside of intercooler is coated in milky oil. see pics.
    Not sure yet if it is just the head gasket or a cracked head. Going to do a leak down later and see if the reveals any more.
    Is there any issue with the Ultra250x that may have caused this. The owner swears it did not overheat. They were however driving it onto the sandy beach.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    More than likely a cracked head, well known issue on the '07 250....

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    Also found these 2 items in the waterbox. there is a third one in there but i cannot get it out. Click image for larger version. 

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    mate looks like you have a ski that requires alot of work they are the tubes connecting each chamber in the water box you will need to cut it open to repair. a tip remove the second box and replace it with a U-pipe. the heads normally crack between the headbolt on cylinders 3-4 exhaust side or crack through the valve seats. dont bother with a leakdown test head has to come off regardless. remove the sump and give it a good flush to get ride of all the water. looks like it also needs a good clean from the sh it thats on the rocker cover!!!

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    plugged cooling system can easily result in this sort of damage..beaching a ski is a reallllly bad idea.

    Beach a running ski here and you'll take enough gravel to trash your jetpump in a few minutes..

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    Seeing those pics the it looks like ski was sunk or submerged

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    .................................................. .........

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    Clean that mess-up and slap that bitch back together with a couple of cans of spray-on "copper coat" on the deck surface of the block, both sides of the headgasket, the mating surface of the cylinder head. Run that thing on your garden hose - and then drive it to your local Kawasaki Dealership and upgrade to the "Ultimate Machine" - the Kawasaki Ultra-300x.

    I guarantee you that you will not be happier

    Good Luck !!!!

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