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    Looking into buying two PWC (First time)

    I have been looking into buying a couple ski's for a couple weeks now, today we went out and rented a couple of Waverunner VX Deluxe's and loved them. I'm looking to buy two pwc most likely I'll buy them new but i'm looking for any input i can get. People say Seadoo's have a lot more problems but say the same about waverunners. Are there any major differences between the two that should make me buy one or the other? There is a seadoo dealership right up the street from me and the yamaha dealership is about an hour away so i am leaning towards seadoo's but don't want to buy something that isn't going to last. Resale value isn't a big deal to me because i most likely won't be selling them anytime soon. Thanks!

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    What type of terrain while you be in? What speeds are you wanting out of the box? What features do you want? What type of gas are you willing to buy for them? How much is your price range? All of these will factor your choice.

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    A pair of VX deluxe rentals some years back is what made me and my wife fall in love with jetski'ing. Glad to see they did the same for you.

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    I'm a 'Doo fan - a pair of GTRs, or a GTI 155 and a GTR.

    If you'll be riding in the ocean you'll probably want a RXP/T, maybe with the iS, if money is no object.

    The other mfr's make good skis too; but I have only ever owned a Sea-Doo.

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    Thanks for all the input, I've recently found a near by yamaha dealership and purchased two vx cruisers, support was great etc. I think it was a good purchase.

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    Seadoo rxpx

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