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    2007 vx110 slow!!! 8000 rpm , 36 mph ??

    Customer Recently Brought me a ski that had the phantom beep.... Had recent engine service. The beep was, someone had broken the slant sensor bracket , and slant sensor was turned up 90* from mount. Hence the beep. But took for a test ride and it hits the limiter at 8G but only
    runs 36-38 mph. So pulled the pump, wear ring is ok, impeller ok . The wake is very foamy like bad cavitation , but no obvious cause. Customer
    said it would run 54-57 with ease before service. Is there a common problem on these skis with the pump? Engine is very strong , but pump cant
    hold it. Pump Shaft seal sucking air from in hull ? Any ideas ?

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    exit nozzle is likely cracked.check the plastic exit nozzle closely for any hairline cracks.

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