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    Mold on new ski!

    See pic; I keep my ski on a jet dock during the summer, covered. We've had a lot of rain this year more than usual and when we went out yesterday my trim on my handlebars has the signs of mold growth. I've only had the ski for a couple months. My old ski had it so bad I ended up replacing the entire trim piece. Does anyone know what I can use to remove the mold and/or prevent it from growing? The cover is quite snug so not sure if there's something I can do about that.

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    I use bleach on a rag and wipe off. But it comes back after a while so I just repeat. I wish Yamaha would offer a black center piece.

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    Happens as it is somewhat porous and should be added to your cleaning maintenance. How does hull interior look like on the tank straps? I use something called Mold Armor.

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