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    Question Ultra 260x Stalls

    I have a problem whit my 2009 Ultra 260X. It runs fine in the beginning. But when I start to get boostpresure and want to go fast, it stalls. And I have to go off at the throttle to make it run smoot again. The stranges thing is that it was perfect one day. I refueled, and the next time it was like this. I also refilled some oil. (Maybe to mutch) But I have the right amount now. I have checked the fuel pump, lines, injectors and filter for dirt. Everything is fine. New gasoline today. Same problem. I'm starting to think it was a coincident that it suddenly became this way. I ran the fuel low the last time it was ok and went easy back. Now I'm starting to think sc. Seems like the boostpressure drops. Maybe because something else make the engine stalls, I don't know. On the trailer with a coolinghose it's fine. Sc belt is fine. No bad sounds.
    Sparkplugs looks fine. I'm really need some fresh ideas...
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    Change your plugs first and go from there

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