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    ignition update

    Hey gang, I just did the ignition update on a 99 sltx. all went well and the ski fired right up. Question is do i still need to do the purple to orange change or does the upgrade fix that also?? FYI next time i will pull the engine, it was a pain trying to leave it in the hull!!!

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    Welcome to the Hulk!

    Yes you still need to do that Jumper, the problem being the CDI sometimes has a difficult time waking back up after its been running then shut down it does not always reset as it should.

    For sure update easier with engine out! but good job getting it in with it still in the Ski!!

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    Its not always necessary to do the jumper, only if you have an issue with it restarting after shutting it down. Its a good idea to do it though, just to eliminate a potential problem. Some CDIs wake up just fine without the jumper update.

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