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    I like my 2010 255 but should I trade it in for a 2013 260?

    Hey guys!

    Open discussion and your allowed to kick and spit on me for asking .

    Bought my Ski a few weeks back and like it allot and have big plans for new mods but was reading about the S3 Hull and the performance of the 260 and it was just like a teaser thinking about trading my Ski in for one.

    Hit me!

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    Performance is the same on a 255 & 260 when they are stock.
    Don't let that be a factor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wotxxxsd View Post
    Performance is the same on a 255 & 260 when they are stock.
    Don't let that be a factor.

    You got a good point!

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    I can't say I've ridden a ski labeled as a 255, but I agree with wotxxxsd in that there will be no performance difference between the engines. If you want a new ski, hull, or color or whatever then buy it for those reasons but for performance you'd be much better off just putting that money into mods.

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