I am pretty new to pwc's.I have messed with snowmobiles and have 2 Polaris 4 wheelers.I like Polaris for some reason.I had picked up a 93 750 sx stand up a year ago for 500 bucks.After having it and can not get the wife to try it.i had decided to look for a sit down for her.Well a month back I found a Polaris virage 2000 700cc for 800 bucks.It had 68 hours and kept inside.He had messed with the carb and oil injection.Said there was a leak in oil res?It ran but not right.After looking at it and telling me he had a service manual.I took it home.<br>
First inspection.Clean, except for a good amount of oil in hull.he had blocked oil line right of the carb and had line off pump laying in the hull.The pump cable was taken off.Well there was the oil leak.<br>
I then pumped out old gas and put fresh in.It seemed to run fine but kinda of doggy.I then jumped into the carb and it looked clean except for small specs.He had also left the screw out that holds the plate down with the jets.Being my fist pwc carb take apart it was not that bad.The low idle speed needle looked lik the plating on the end was removed some or coming off.Not sure if this would do much.<br>
I then took it back out and it ran a little better.I then read the manual and it said check compression.I should have.The rear cylinger was like 45 and the other 130 something.Well I thought no big deal I have done 2 stokes before.I then tore into it ,taking the head cover off I noticed a lot of carbon.Then I started taking off the head bolts and they were not tight like they should be.I took the head off and half the 0-ring was gone.After cleaning it all up I noticed that the head was washed from leaking and the head ring had a crack were a head bolt goes?This is what I think started the leak.<br>
I got on ebay and got a good used head and ring and ordered all my gaskets from SBT.The cylinder and piston looked great so I put it back together and it comp check almost the same as the other one.<br>
It was a noticeable difference in power.I then went to reset the idle and time the oil pump.Going buy the gauge it looks like 1350 rpm and full throttle 6400 0r 6500.pushing right at or tad under 50.<br>
Been riding it a lot!It does seem like it is not getting enough gas when you punch it.Kinda bogs and even dies when cold.I have yet to foul it.The plugs look good not lean.So now I think I am going to buy a used carb maybe or replace the needle slow speed screw.i was also thinking of putting new jets in.The slots are kinda buggered.Any input would be great!i really want to keep this,it is a good ski to hual kids on!Very stable!<br>
Now I want a Virage tx!<br>
Any way after reading your posts I thought this woud be the forum for me.