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    95 sl650 will not crank over

    heys guys ski has been running great until today. well today while out on the water had to shut her off to remove some sea weed from the river and wham will not start. Hit the start buttom and nothing no click not a sound. been looking around here and relized there is no plastic cover over the battery and the cdi. i do not see any burnt wires and it dosent smell like anything is burned. what do you think could have happend. I took my test light and theres power going into the cdi and then on the other red whire coming out and i would imagine over to the solenoid there's no power. i took the lanyard shut off apart and inspected and also took the cover that hsa the guage and start button and choke off and inspected. what do you think my issue couuld be please give me a hand

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    Turn the motor or try to turn it by hand by removing the coupler shroud. Might of sucked a rock into the prop. Turn it counterclockwize. See if turns

    Disconnect the battery first.

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    ok will try but it was running perfect and had start and stopped a couple times before and then all of a sudden had to stop to remove some seaweed its like the start button is not even connected. no click no nothing when i hit it.

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    do you think its possible that the cdi is bad from it touching the battery i didnt know there was supposed to be a cover over it. would a bad cdi cause it to not turn over like the lanyard is not in or as if the start button is not hooked up.

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    any sort of help would be greatly appreciated seeing as i still have a couple hours of daylight here in michigan

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    figured it out black wire was burnt to death. it was the black wire in a harness that was ontop of the cdi box. had to replace like 3/4 of the wire till i found were it was good and it fired right up.

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    And you installed a battery cover, correct!!!???!!

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