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    Fill the hollow of the exhaust pipe with transmission oil......


    1-you're a hack trying to make a couple of extra bucks on "shop supplies"
    2-if you think a two stroke uses motor oil and that thing on the exhaust pipe is a dipstick
    3-if you are a factory trained and certified Kawasaki Tech following a detailed service procedure.
    4-you ARE a dipstick

    so I'm trying to track down an overheat problem on an Ultra 150..didn't overheat on the hose, but the owner said it takes about 10 minutes cruising around before the overheat alarm sounds.

    I'll be checking the overheat sensor out tomorrow, as I've already backflushed this thing to death

    the odd directions are right out of the kaw manual. I guess that helps heat transfer from the water jacket to the sensor.

    any other suggestions?..all the head outlets seem to be clear, so I suspect there is something in the water inlet manifold restricting it.

    But the sensor is an easier check and an easier fix.

    of course if I pull it out and there is no oil in there..schweeet!

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    Just last week somebody on 'the other Ultra website' found a rubber exhaust hose that had collapsed on the inside. I don't think it cause overheating, but it reduced power.

    Does this one have the Triple Pisser mod? I guess a hot cylinder wouldn't cause the overheat sensor to turn on though...

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    Yes the void must have oil of some sort in it to transfer the heat properly.

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