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    help!!!!!my xl1200 wont go over 10mph till i hit a wave then comes to life

    hi all, i have a 99 yamaha xl1200 and its acting odd. wont let me go above 10mph and as i have full throttle open if i hit a wave and catch some air when i hit back down with throttle still wide open it comes to life and kicks ass, i mean it flys. but when i let go of the gas it goes back to slow mode and people swim passed me . then i have to go catch another wave or wake for it to come back to life. what can this be? it has new plugs and fule filter and everything else seems good. also my gauge stays with the waring light on and keeps saying fuel even tho I'm full. it wont let me change modes. i drove with the front seat off and didn't see the power valves move or open but when i shut down the power valves move open and close. please help

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    Is there a sensor that puts you into limp mode when the fuel gets low?

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    The very same thing happend to me when I had 36 hrs on my GPR back in 2000. The calalytic converter broke into pieces and clogged then exhaust at the bottom of the stinger pipe. My boat did about 30, but when I hit a wave or bounced the boat, the pieces were jarred loose and the exhaust would begin to flow. My boat would then run. Of course, the pieces would realign win I hit another wave and the plug would come back.

    I removed the stinger and the water box and removed ALL pieces of the catalytic converter. I replaced my cat con with a "D" plate, and the problem went away.

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