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    Question 1998 SeaDoo GTX Limited & 2001 SeaDoo RX DI

    My wife and I just bought two new(ish)SeaDoo's this week and there are a few things i need help with.

    1998 GTX Limited

    · Makes a rattlenoise when idling, I have Googled the issue and it seems to be pretty commonwith this model. But how do i fix it? I keep reading something about a rattlekit, but I can’t find one for sale anywhere. Any advice would be very muchappreciated.
    · Also thebattery appears to be fine, but after riding if we stop and swim we get a 12Vwarning when we start the ski up to continue riding. What could cause this?

    2001 RX DI

    · The VTS doesn’twork. Luckily it is in the middle so it's not causing any performance issues,but i would like to fix it. When you hit the VTS trim button you can hear aclicking noise, but nothing happens.

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    Welcome to the Hulk!

    Rattling of the pump is normal on this model. Are you talking about rattling in the water, or on the trailer? However, rattling of the engineitself is common, but not normal. High hour 951 often develop rattling of the pistons as the skirts start to collapse, if it continues, it will drop a skirt and toast the engine. Try to see if you can isolate the rattling noise. It is really easy and quick to pull the pump off to isolate the pump as the cause of the rattle.

    BTW, the rattle kits were only for the 96 and earlier models. There is no rattle kit for your pump. It already has the anti-rattle spring and pusher in it, but they don't work too well.

    VTS motors are a common failure item. Suggest you test that you are getting power to the VTS and the proper up/down signals per the manual, and if so, then suggest you get a replacement motor. I don't have the number handy, but the motor is actually a common window motor you can buy at a fraction of the price of the OEM one.

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    98 remove the pump cone and ''stretch'' out the pusher spring and refill with oil- the battery thing...its normal, even if you charge it up it will come back on after a few, its normal, no worries
    The vts, replace the module unit VTS

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    I have a 98 GTX Limited and the pump rattles pretty good when running on the trailer. I also get the 12V low after starting as long as it goes out after about a minute of run time it's nothing to worry about.

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    Thank you.

    The rattling only takes place when the ski is idling, as soon as you touch the throttle it stops. Its more of a nuisance than anything, kind of like squeaky breaks on a car.

    I will check the power on the VTS and see if I just need a new motor.

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