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    Torque specs for intake grate.

    I was reading installation for the toploader intake great from riva. It appears that the torque spec is very low for the bolts. 5.9 foot-pounds for the front and of 12.5 for the rear- that's barely hand tight!
    Is this right, for those of you that have changed the grate?

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    Yes that's correct. I used blue locktite on the bolts when I reinstalled them. Hope this helps....
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    Thanks. Great grate info....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fasttimez View Post
    Yes that's correct. ...
    What year and model is that linked PDF service manual page for?

    How does the torque specs for Yamaha intake grate and/or ride plate bolts differ across years and models?

    8 Newton-Meters (5.9 Foot-Pounds) using a 6mm metric bolt - seems kinda minimal for the two front bolts on an intake grate

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    I have the Worx intake grate on my 2016 VXR and the manual stated 40Nm of torque for the bolts. The installation sheet also said to add marine sealant all around the grate, much more than on the stock one which basically was only sealed around the bolts.

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