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    250 vs 260 vs 300

    I have some questions for the guys really familiar with these units...... I've read alot of stuff but take it all with a grain of salt ....... 1 being all skis are mfgr regulated to be out of box top speed under 70 mph due to safety and limits of the PDFs ...... If so which makes sense ...... Where is the big difference between the 250 260 and 300s .......... Just acceleration ??
    250-300 HP is plenty to move a 900# machine into triple digits ..... Seems the limits is the impellers available ..... Now granted if top end were to be gain with pitch and rake the holes of would suffer....... There are pfds avail rated for above 70 mph I use and have them for running high speed off shore ....... I guess my questions are
    why have these pwcs not yet tapped into the stepped hull technology and why is there not more options and mods avail for the maniacs who do wanna run 80s 90s or break 100 ??????

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    There are plenty of those. If you wanna do 80-90-100 buy a seedooo or yam. If you want to do 70 in the chop and leave everything behind buy a kawi. Seedoo is a stepped hull you best do your reading there's lots of info here on the form. It just takes time to go through it all.

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    I finally got my hands on a 300 this weekend thanks to bmac on the forum. We are in ocean city maryland in the ocean and he said here u go. It's broken in ride it like u ride urs. I have a 250 which I love but any chance I get to cheat on her with a 300 I am. Until I get my own 300. I can't believe the hook up this thing has and the outta the hole excelleration was awesome. My 250 seems to be aging compared to this thing. Kawi did a great job. Ill never get rid of or detour someone from buying a 250 but this is the ultimate ski especially if all u ride Is ocean and chop.

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    Exactly and we still have guys here that compare the 300 to a 250. They are chalk and cheese, the 250 feels so outdated to a 300 plain and simple fact from personal experience

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