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    How to improve the handling or turning capability on my 2007 rxt 215?

    I am new to the forum! I was wondering if there is any thing else to improve the handling or better yet the turning capability of my 2007 Sea Doo Rxt 215. I just ordered a RIVA top load intake great and an OPAS block off. Will this help get it to snap around a coarse? It will turn pretty good to the left but not so great to the right and I have a friend with a GTX SC 185 with the same problem. Thank you for any and all help!!!

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    why not pick up a set of adjustable sponsons.. or i think theres some stock adjustable sponsons from a newer model some have retro fitted to fit older models.. a buddy just threw a set of riva sponsons on his gti 130 and he turns on a dime

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