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    99 XPl 951 Fuse issue

    Hi - end of last summer with a fair bit of water in the hull from wave jumping my ski spent 3 minutes on its side with the mpem i presume under water.

    When i got back to it, I'd blown the main fuse in the electrical box. I dried her out replaced the fuse several times and eventually she ran fine. Took my ski out a week later and after 300 yards from the ramp blew the main fuse again.

    At that time the ski would only run with start button depressed. Got some advice to unplug TPS and lost start running problem.

    Removed mpem and some muppet has carved a hole in the rubber on the back of the mpem. Issue only started after mpem was submerged. I'm thinking issues of fuse blowing are down to salt water in mpem with a seperate issue of a dodgey tps.

    I'd previously tested tps as working fine (0v-5v) but when I unplugged tps there was NO change in performance - tested everything and it was like the mpem just didn't detect the tps.

    I'm just about to spend more money than i want to on another mpem and tps.

    Have i missed something ?

    Stator and bendix are good - can't find a problem with multimeter. Ski starts and runs fine. Just haven't found a problem and where i ride i can't have any doubts about it stopping and i haven't found out why the fuse kept blowing.


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    Anyone ????

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    You may have water in the mag housing, it can get in via the plug seal not sealing properly around the housing body.

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    the fact that a hole was cut in the potting compound indicates there was a previous problem where somebody may have replaced the infamous diode.

    I'd say you have water inside the mpem. Take it out protect the electric connectors and sink the mpem in five pounds of rice. You can put the mpem in a plastic sack to protect the rice..just leave the top of the sack open so the rice can help absorb the moisture. Leave the entire affair either in direct sunlight or near some moderate heat source. try it again in a couple of days, use some duct tape to cover the hole..once it's reliable..fill the hole with silicon sealer.

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