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    RXP - NOT STARTING - Starter Relay - MPEM - P1680

    Hi Guys,
    Looking for some hemp please.
    I have read numerous posts with similar symptoms, but not identical to mine.
    I'll try and keep it as brief as i can...
    I have an 05 RXP, at the weekend i noticed it seemed down on power, still pulled well but just not quite what it normally is.
    After running for around 30mins, warning light came on and CHK ENG message.
    I pulled in and shut it down, hoping to reset. But unfortunaltely nothing, just failed to start.
    Dragged it our of the water, let it sit for another 30mins - still nothing.

    Sometimes (but not always) its showing up a fault code of P1680 (MPEM issue), but not all the time.
    Also when you put the lanyard on its post, its not chirping as it should, after a couple of minutes of nothing it will then start to chrip (normal pattern), but when you hit the start button it will just click (as if the starter solenoid / relay is at fault).
    I can confirm that the battery is strong and ive been over all the connectors / fuses on the MPEM, and anything else i can see.
    Ive read threads on shorting over the solenoid / relay, but wanted to avoid this incase i fried something.

    A couple of other points are, once its clicked and not turned over, it will not click again until after another couple of minutes not chirping. (ie it will not click everytime you hit the start button).
    Also, when the lanyard is removed, the digi display continues to show its display for 15-20secs after removal, and the engine oil looks uncontaminated.

    Also any advice on flushing out a non running Seadoo would be helpful, i look after my ski's and im concerned its sat for 24hrs now unflushed.

    Any advice appreciated.

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    Update - in case it helps anyone else in the future with the same issue.

    After digging round more on here I decided to bite the bullet and try shorting accross the starter solenoid, with no luck.
    I was then thinking the motor was locked up.
    Then the MPEM started buzzing and it threw up other fault codes: P1607 / P1517 / P0616
    So now I'm fearing the worst thinking the MPEM is fried.

    Got back on here and dug further, read a post about similar symptoms which turned out to be a bad earth.
    Went back out and ran a jump lead from the negative battery terminal to the engine lifting eye - and BANG of she goes.
    Battery fine, MPEM fine, starter solenoid fine and no fault codes showing.
    Just a bad earth at the front of the engine block...
    PHEW !

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