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    RXT 260 reflash question

    This is a "reflashing" question from a NOOB, so go easy on me! I had my 2012 RXTX "reflashed" by a non-dealership tuner. I do not know what brand of reflash was used, Vtech or other. Post reflash I can get to 8500+/- RPM (per "max" RPM on machine) only at the holeshot with little to no cavitation. The machine though still tops out at 65mph per the speedo (& independent GPS) @ 8050+/- rpm. Am I incorrect in thinking that my speed limiter is still intact thus not permitting the engine to reach the 8500 it did at the start? If the speed limiter were disabled then the engine could rev to the 8500 mark thus a few more MPH? I thought Reflashes changed several parameters, max RPM and removal of the OEM speed limiter. I did search for "reflash" in the search functions and nothing was returned so I apologize in advance if this has been discussed before. I started to post in the Modification "sticky" thread however was concerned nobody would see it as it would not appear as a new post. Any suggestions appreciated.

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    If your willing to take a ride a little north 08724 area, I can fit a reflashed ECU to your ski and hit the local water to see if anything changes

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    To take advantage of the reflash, you would need to ensure your prop pitch suits your targeted RPMS. Just because you have a certain rev limiter, doesn't mean your ski will rev that high. You will see a higher RPM spike on holeshot but that is because of the sudden surge of power to the small prop trying to process the water.
    Any reflash should eliminate or raise the boost/speed limiters on your ecu. You should be seeing more rpms and higher speed. Maybe temps were much hotter the day you tested the flash vs when you did without?

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