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    96 gti blowing 5 amp fuse

    I have a 96 gti 717 crashed and hit a wake and the battery broke open put a new battery in it and as soon as the battery is hooked up the 5 amp fuse blows I google'd ity and read that they have mpem problems but before calling it an mpem check the yellow wires coming out of the stator for a short to ground with the plug on the engine plugged in and checking the yellow wires inside the e box with a good 5 amp fuse installed they have continuity to ground with either fuse unplugged they have no continuity to ground and with the plug at the engine unplugged they also have no continuity to ground can I safely call it an mpem before I spend $500 bones on a new one? thanks dj

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    There are aftermarket MPEMs for alot less. So if you disconnect the wires coming out of the "engine area/stator" is the 5A still blowing? If not it is most definitely the stator. Also check the rear electrical box for "water" inside. That can ruin your day all day long.

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    make sure to replace the oil injection filter, as battery acid will eat right thru it in a couple of weeks and REALLY ruin your day

    I can hook you up with a new aftermarket cdi for this ski if you like. PM me for details
    plenty of used ones around, but then you need to program the key

    aftermarket works with any key, as it does not have DESS (which is why they are far cheaper)

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