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    RXT-X, RXP-X vs ULtra 260x in race

    hey guys i am looking for a new ski. On the lake i go there is 5 or 6 ultra 260s and 1 other rxt that i know of. Has anyone ever raced these skis? Im looking to get a rxt or rxp and want to know if they can beat the ultra 260 stock for stock?

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    Tx will be around 70 mph stock but will cut back because of limiter

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    T-X and P-X should take an Ultra 260 depending on conditions, Ultra 300x would be a much harder race stock for stock.

    Buy whatever you like riding though, that is all that's important.

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    There all pretty quick.

    They pretty much come from the factory with a top speed limited to around 68 plus or minus one mph and all those models get there quick. Comes down to the rider and conditions....weight, fuel amount, and skill of each driver. If you spend about 1K to 1.5K you can upgrade a RXT-X or RXP-X to a point that the only thing that will touch you is other modified skis, which on most lakes is pretty rare.

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    Get a ski that matches your riding style. If you are normally in rough conditions or offshore, ULTRA. Otherwise - RXPX (2012+).

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    The P-x wins vs a 260 but not a 300

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