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    2007 rxp 215 help

    My friend sold his 2007 rxp 215 with 40 hours on it to another buddy of mine. About a month goes by and he gets a call saying the ski broke down
    and his mechanic says it needs 2400 bucks of work done to it. I had him drop it off at my house and I saw that the shaft on the supercharger was broke. Now my friend who sold the ski has text messages from the person who bought it saying the ski was running great. My question is what could have caused the shaft on the supercharger to break and whats the worst case as far as damage done to the ski?

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    I'd check to see if they clutches are still there. If not get ready to have to flush the engine and check replace the oil pumps most likely

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    All in All the ski is broke, My theory for the sc shaft to snap is a combination of things, Now this is only my idea.
    1. The "slip moment" setting is over torqued and riding the ski in "chop" water and NOT floating the throttle and leaving it pinned WO when the ski "bites" the water at 8500 rpms or more,the sudden change in drive-line torque will do it every time. again jmo . Now as far as the motor repair? Yea count on opening that wallet more than once. sorry this happened, The real deal here is if YOU the owner doesn't understand the Supercharged 4 tec, really dont need to own one, and that goes for anyone! These skis are finely tuned,balanced, high reving and the tolerances are incredibly tight because it's a high performance engine that demands tedious maintenance after every ride. goodluck

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    Sounds like its time to pull the engine if after pulling the charger the washers are gone. If so plan on flushing the block, checking the oil pumps and dropping a few grand to get everything repaired properly. It's no fun when the clutch disks let go
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